Инструмент для сравнения текстов

Покажет вам различия между двумя текстами. Поддерживаются форматы txt, docx, pdf, fb2, в том числе в архивах.

Инструмент в стадии разработки. На текущий момент не работает.

Text Version 1:

Text Version 2:

Diff timeout:

If the mapping phase of the diff computation takes longer than this, then the computation is truncated and the best solution to date is returned. While guaranteed to be correct, it may not be optimal. A timeout of ”0” allows for unlimited computation.

Post‐diff cleanup:

Increase human readability by factoring out commonalities which are likely to be coincidental.
, edit cost:
Increase computational efficiency by factoring out short commonalities which are not worth the overhead. The larger the edit cost, the more aggressive the cleanup.
Raw output.

Инструмент работает на основе кода Diff, Match and Patch за авторством крутого перца по имени Neil Fraser.